Animal 24:7

Series 8 on Air Now! The series starts Monday 2 April 2012 and runs for 10 programmes.

Up and down the country, Britian’s wildlife is under threat. Animal 24:7 follows the people working around the clock to protect and rescue our animals. The series was devised and is produced by True North Productions.

Working closely with the RSPCA and a wide range of animal sanctuaries, rescue centres, hospitals and conservation projects, the series tells the stories of animals in danger, and the people helping them.

Presented by Tom Heap, each show explores a wide range of animal persecution cases. From mistreated or abandoned pets in dire need of care and a new home, to injured seals, deer, horses and other wildlife requiring help to get back to full health. We follow the people working tirelessly to save injured wildlife, help them recover and return them back to the wild.

Now into series 8, each series is broadcast every weekday, in a 9:15am BBC One slot. Animal 24:7 regularly attracts in excess of 1 million viewers, and at its peak attracts 1.4 million viewers.